Gryphnation 2016

Dear Gryphnation,

There has never been a more important year to support the Gryphons.

The newly released 2016 Membership packages reflect both the historical and future direction of the strategic alliance with the Glen Eira AFC. With your continued support not only will we survive – we will thrive – both on and off the field.

The three Gryphnation packages are:

Gryphnation Centurion – $100
• Recognition on the GE Saints & Monash Gryphons website and Facebook pages
• 4 beers or 3 spirits at every Packer Park home game
• 2016 Gryphnation Cap
• Full voting rights at the AGM
• Invitations to all Glen Eira AFC Functions
• Access to Gryphnation’s Team App where we will have full-time scores and match reports on both games from the coaching panel- exclusive to Gryphnation members
• Satisfaction of knowing you are assisting the club where you played, volunteered or supported to not merely survive, but to thrive!

Gryphnation Founder – $200
• Everything a Gryphnation Centurion receive
• 2016 Club Polo Shirt
• AFL Scoring Raffle Ticket (Value $20 – chance to win $100 every week)
• Free entry to Past Players Function (Value $30 – includes Legends II, Spit Roast dinner and Entertainment)

Gryphnation Saint – $500
• Everything a Gryphnation Founder receives
• Ticket in 10K draw (Value $150.00)

All packages are available through the TeamApp Store, or payment can be made directly via EFT.

Account: Monash Gryphons AFC
BSB: 633 000
Acc: 130313422
Ref: (Insert Surname) Gryphnation

Thank you for your ongoing support. Go Gryphs, Go Gryphnation!


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Gryphnation in 2015

As you all know the formation of Gryphnation last year was seen as an integral step for both the clubs survival and the clubs ability to grow and thrive in an ever more competitive landscape. I’m pleased to tell you all the committee considers the foundation year of Gryphnation a resounding success.

To date Gryphnation has allowed the club to:

  • Turn a profit in an otherwise difficult year for the club
  • Bring back the annual Gryphons Trivia Night
  • Educate the current playing group on the history of the club
  • Show the current playing group the passion that exists in our past players and supporters
  • Secure the services of David Matthews as senior coach- undoubtedly one of if not the most qualified coach we have ever had.
  • In 2015 there will be three tiers of Gryphnation available to anyone who would like to support our great club they are listed below.

    Gryphnation Member- $100
    A Gryphnation member will receive everything a 2014 Gryphnation Founder received

  • Recognition on the Monash Gryphons website and Facebook page
  • Full voting rights at the AGM
  • Free entry into the 2015 Trivia Night
  • Free entry into the 2015 Vote Count Night
  • Regular SMS updates on game day letting you know where Gryphnation plans to meet
  • Invitations to all Monash Gryphons Functions
  • Access to Gryphnation’s Team App where we will have reports on both games from the coaching panel- exclusive to Gryphnation members
  • Satisfaction of knowing you are assisting the club where you played, volunteered or supported to not merely survive, but to thrive!
  • Free entry into our 2010 Premiership Reunion lunch
  • Gryphnation Founder- $200
    A Gryphnation Founder membership will receive

  • Everything a Gryphnation Member does
  • Your choice of a Polo, Hoodie or Puffer Jacket
  • A Gryphnation lapel pin
  • Gryphnation Plus- $500+
    A Gryphnation plus member will receive

  • Everything a Gryphnation Member does
  • Two pieces of merchandise of your choice from a Polo, Hoodie or Puffer Jacket
  • An additional ticket to the Vote Count, Premiership Reunion and Trivia Night
  • A Gryphnation lapel pin
  • Get involved
    For those of you wanting to get on board ASAP, we are accepting membership purchases as of right now! There are currently two methods of payment available to you.

  • Via Team App where Credit Card or PayPal are accepted
  • Via bank transfer: EFT Details:
    Monash Gryphons Amateur Football Club
    BSB #: 633-000
    A/C #: 130 313 422
    Please put your name and GN in the transfer description.
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    Inaugural Monash Gryphons Legends Game – Triple Header!

    Gryphnation and the Monash Gryphons AFC committee are proud to announce that the inaugural Monash Gryphons Legends Game will be held at East Caulfield Reserve on the 18th of April 2015.

    We’ll be firing up the BBQ at half time of the seniors for a pre-game feed and final team selection while we watch the last half of the seniors before kick-off at around 5:15pm. The game will likely be 4 x 12 minute quarters with beers and pizza and a few yarns afterwards in the hall. Any sons of guns are also welcome to join their dads on the field, numbers permitting.

    This is going to be a great event. Players, supporters and partners all welcome!

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    Craig Robinson Cup Twenty20- 2014


    Craig Robinson Cup 2014 Twenty20

    Craig Robinson Cup 2014
    @ East Caulfield Reserve


    MoM: Glen Wadley Medal: Varun Wijewardane MGAFC
    Winner: Monash Gryphons Amateur Football Club (lead 4-1 overall)

    MUGCC R 4 6
    1. Ayyappan Solaippian c:Fullerton b: Wieselmann 15 1 0
    2. Dhee Prakash Biswas runout 0 0 0
    3. Suhel Anwar c: Mobs b: Podger 0 0 0
    4. Nanda Nullari # c: Fullerton b: Rose 32 5 0
    5. Sandip Ghadhak c: Carey b: Wijewardane 19 3 0
    6. Morgan Cole * c & b: Kye 15 3 0
    7. Cameron Davey c: Fullerton b: Jake 11 1 0
    8. Ahmed Moosa c: Fullerton b: Podger 11 1 0
    9. Ian Eshwari c: Fullerton b: Samson 10 1 0
    10. Andrew Dunn runout 5 1 0
    11. Shivo Arivalakan not out 1 0 0
    12. Frank Huynh
    13. Matthew Pearson
    14. Prasanthan Thaveenthiran
    15. Pat Carbagal
    Extras: (1b, 1lb, 6wd, 2nb) 10
    Total 133ao

    Fow: 1-1 (Biswas), 2-1 (Anwar), 3-50 (Solaippian),
    4-57 (Nullari), 5-85 (Cole), 6-91 (Ghadhak),
    7-111 (Moosa), 8-113 (Eshwari), 9-133 (Dunn)

    Podger 4-0-2-14
    Levi 2-0-0-16
    Kye 3-0-1-17
    Wieselmann 2-0-1-11
    Shelton 2-0-0-11
    Rose 1-0-1-13
    Wijewardane 2-0-1-15
    Carey 2-0-0-15
    Samson 1-0-1-4
    Jake 1-0-1-19

    MGAFC R 4 6
    1. Mobs *# c: Nullari b: Anwar 8 2 0
    2. Varun Wijewardane c: Ghadhak b: Huynh 50 3 4
    3. J.Sampson c: ? b: Cole 4 1 0
    4. M.Savage c: ? b: Huynh 3 0 0
    5. Podger b: Anwar 10 1 0
    6. A.Ross c & b : Nullari 37 6 0
    7. L.Lewis not out 3 0 0
    8. A.Carey not out 4 1 0
    9. James Rose
    10. Luke Wieselmann
    11. Kye
    12. Shelton
    13. Sampson
    14. Levi

    Extras: (5b, 9lb, 4wd, 2nb) 20
    Total: 6-cc-139

    FOW: 1-17 (Mobs), 2-28 (Sampson), 3-78 (Savage),
    4-80 (Wijewardane), 5-122 (Podger), 6-134 (Ross)

    Anwar 4-0-2-10
    Moosa 3-0-0-20
    Cole 3-0-1-22
    Ghadhak 2-0-0-8
    Davey 1-0-0-20
    Huynh 2-0-2-8
    Arivalakan 2-0-0-13
    Pearson 1-0-0-9
    Nullari 2-0-1-15
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    Coaching Announcement

    The committee of the Monash Gryphons Amatuer Football club is excited to announce the appointment of David Matthews as the Senior coach of the Monash Gryphons  for the 2015 season.

    A Level 2 Accredited coach, David has been involved in the VAFA for over 25 years and brings with him a wealth of experience both as a  Premierships player and coach.
    David’s achievements include:

    Playing over 200 games of VAFA football

    • Premiership player Caulfield Grammarians  (C Grade 1983)
    • Century Goal Kicker 1983
    • State representative 1983, 1984, 1985
    • Club Best and Fairest 1986 A Grade

    Coaching over 20 years in the VAFA

    • Premiership coach University Blues A Grade Reserves 2004
    • Premiership coach Bulleen Templestowe Seniors D Grade 2008

    The committee believes that having someone of David’s calibre on board will give our players the very best opportunity to develop as well as providing a platform for the club to continue to grow.


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    Vote Count Results

    Vote Count

    Congratulations to all involved in the Monash Gryphons Best and Fairest Night and the winners of both the seniors and reserves counts. See the full results below.

    Full Seniors Results

    Full Reserves Results

    Subs and Uniform

    We still have $1,890 in subs outstanding and $1,500 in Uniform payments.

    If you are one of the people who are yet to pay please do so TODAY as the club has a few bills to pay.

    EFT Details:
    Monash Gryphons Amateur Football Club
    BSB #: 633-000
    A/C #: 130 313 422
    Please put your name in the transfer description.


    A reminder that the clubs AGM will be held on the 20th of September. Its important we have as many people in attendance as possible so please make the effort to get down.

    Full event details can be found within Team App


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    Monash Gryphons 2014 Best and Fairest Vote Count

    vote count

    This year will undoubtedly be the closest vote count in recent memory with many unable to pick a favorite its going to be a very entertaining night!

    Whilst this is a compulsory event for the players, its also a great night for partners, friends and family.

    Plenty of prizes given out throughout the night and dinner provided with entry.

    Dress smart casual (no denim)

    Tickets $40 (Free for Gryphnation members)

    Drinks at bar prices.

    Please RSVP on Facebook and invite your friends and family.

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    Monash Gryphons AFC and Gryphnation are proud to present Funky Bunch Trivia!

    This is not your average trivia night. Funky Bunch Trivia use the latest technology and know-how to bring you an audio-visual feast that will redefine the way you think of trivia nights. You can expect an entertaining, innovative and interactive experience, with music, video and picture prompts that will leave you wanting more.

    There will be questions and categories including TV & Movies, Sport & Current Events, General Knowledge & Celebrities and Music, with some absurd questions and hilarious challenges thrown in for some non-politically correct good fun!

    Great prizes on offer all night long!

    This event is open to everyone. We’re putting on the show – together we can make it the best night of the year. Spread the word and help us ensure it’s an event to remember!


    Event hosted by:

    Event Sponsor:

    25$ per head or $200 team/table (seats 10)

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    Monash Gryphons Ladies Day – Supporting Love Your Sister


    Come and join the Monash Gryphons as we host the 2014 Ladies Day, supporting Love Your Sister.

    Saturday 5 July 2014

    Venue: East Caulfield Reserve

    Start: 12.30pm

    Cost: $40 per person

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    Mid Season Ball!


    Come and join the Monash Gryphons as we celebrate the 2014 season with a mid-season ball.

    Saturday 14 June 2014

    Venue: Racecourse Hotel Upstairs function room

    Start: 7.30pm

    Theme: Cocktail

    Dress: Cocktail (strictly no denim)

    Cost: $50 single or $90 couple

    Finger Food and limited bar tab provided

    RSVP: Thursday 12 June 2014

    Tickets can be purchased here

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