Gryphnation in 2015

As you all know the formation of Gryphnation last year was seen as an integral step for both the clubs survival and the clubs ability to grow and thrive in an ever more competitive landscape. I’m pleased to tell you all the committee considers the foundation year of Gryphnation a resounding success.

To date Gryphnation has allowed the club to:

  • Turn a profit in an otherwise difficult year for the club
  • Bring back the annual Gryphons Trivia Night
  • Educate the current playing group on the history of the club
  • Show the current playing group the passion that exists in our past players and supporters
  • Secure the services of David Matthews as senior coach- undoubtedly one of if not the most qualified coach we have ever had.
  • In 2015 there will be three tiers of Gryphnation available to anyone who would like to support our great club they are listed below.

    Gryphnation Member- $100
    A Gryphnation member will receive everything a 2014 Gryphnation Founder received

  • Recognition on the Monash Gryphons website and Facebook page
  • Full voting rights at the AGM
  • Free entry into the 2015 Trivia Night
  • Free entry into the 2015 Vote Count Night
  • Regular SMS updates on game day letting you know where Gryphnation plans to meet
  • Invitations to all Monash Gryphons Functions
  • Access to Gryphnation’s Team App where we will have reports on both games from the coaching panel- exclusive to Gryphnation members
  • Satisfaction of knowing you are assisting the club where you played, volunteered or supported to not merely survive, but to thrive!
  • Free entry into our 2010 Premiership Reunion lunch
  • Gryphnation Founder- $200
    A Gryphnation Founder membership will receive

  • Everything a Gryphnation Member does
  • Your choice of a Polo, Hoodie or Puffer Jacket
  • A Gryphnation lapel pin
  • Gryphnation Plus- $500+
    A Gryphnation plus member will receive

  • Everything a Gryphnation Member does
  • Two pieces of merchandise of your choice from a Polo, Hoodie or Puffer Jacket
  • An additional ticket to the Vote Count, Premiership Reunion and Trivia Night
  • A Gryphnation lapel pin
  • Get involved
    For those of you wanting to get on board ASAP, we are accepting membership purchases as of right now! There are currently two methods of payment available to you.

  • Via Team App where Credit Card or PayPal are accepted
  • Via bank transfer: EFT Details:
    Monash Gryphons Amateur Football Club
    BSB #: 633-000
    A/C #: 130 313 422
    Please put your name and GN in the transfer description.
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