Gryphnation Update

Gryphnation Update

We're very happy to introduce you all to the first 30 Gryphnation Foundation Members! 

Mark Asbell Jason Barrie Simone Beddison Peter Burke
Christine Cladakis Andrew Grady Mark Graydon Tony Gross
Matthew Healy Guy Keating Emma Kent Gareth Kent
Chris Leeton Michael Lewis Andrew Nichols Shane O'Connor
David Ratner Victoria Ratner Craig Robinson Gerard Roche
Nick Rutherford Pete Rutherford Gary Ryan Michelle Ryan
David Walter Lee Wapling Phil Warren Andrea Wells
Lee Wells Peter Williamson    

Gryphnation is a massive part of our clubs future and we couldn't be happier with how it has been embraced to date. We are determined to see this list grow with the Gryphnation Committees proactive efforts to reconnect with past and present members of the Monash Gryphons community ongoing.

For those of you looking for more information about Gryphnation please check out one of the following pages.

Gryphnation on Facebook
Gryphnation on our website

We have now ordered the first batch of lapel pins (shown above) they should arrive shortly – looking forward to ordering more as our membership grows

Intraclub- Monday 24th March

Training on Monday will be a intraclub practice match. With only 15 days until round one its important no one misses a session unless absolutely necessary.

Please RSVP on Facebook and invite anyone you know who might be interested in a kick.

Mt Buller Update- Saturday 29th March

For those of you who haven't heard the club is offering an all expenses paid trip to Mt Buller for the players. To date we have 18 players who are able to attend, if you're free please make sure you let us know in the app.

Season Launch- Thursday 3rd April

The clubs season launch will be held at the Racecourse Hotel in the upstairs function room. Please check out all the details on the app and let us know if you're coming. As the season launch is also team selection night all players are expected to attend.


The club always needs volunteers, if you know anyone who is interested in getting involved on or off the field please let us know by responding to this email.

In particular we need an umpire for all reserve games. This will be a paid position.

If you are not receiving our emails please sign up for them here.

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