Round 8, 2014 Match Report

Reserves Final Score
Monash 5.7.37
Def by
Old Paradians 15.12.102

Goal Kickers: S. Abel , V. Coffey , D. O”Connor , R. Fletcher , B. Prigg
Best Players: S. Abel, V. Coffey, A. Petsinis, L. Wieselmann, M. Kelly, J. Hickey

Seniors Final Score
Monash 6.8.44
Def by
Old Paradians 18.9.117

Goal Kickers: S. Kerr , T. Bye , A. Jiffry , M. Ryan , L. Pound , R. Fletcher
Best Players: K. Cherian, L. Pound, M. Savage, S. Kerr, D. Petsinis, J. Nuguid

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Round 7, 2014 Match Report

Reserves Final Score
Monash 8.10.58
Def by
Kew 19.14.128

Seniors Final Score
Monash 3.5.23
Def by
Kew 24.26.170

Goal Kickers: C. Mackie , M. Savage , L. Pound
Best Players: C. Mackie, A. Barrett, L. Pound, K. Cherian, D. Baxter, M. Ryan

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Round 6, 2014 Match Report

Reserves Final Score
Monash 6.4.40
Def by
Ivanhoe 15.13.103

Goal Kickers: J. Tobin 3, S. Abel , D. O”Connor , B. Murphy
Best Players: J. Tobin, A. Jiffry, S. Abel, K. Brumley, V. Coffey, H. Kerr

Seniors Final Score
Monash 8.6.54
Def by
Ivanhoe 9.16.70

Goal Kickers: A. Erwin-Ross 3, L. Pound , V. Wijewardane , C. Mackie , J. Stevenson , T. Bye
Best Players: R. Pollock-Williams, K. Cherian, A. Carey, M. Ryan, V. Wijewardane, S. Kerr

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Round 5, 2014 Match Report

Reserves Final Score
Monash 9.21.75
Elsternwick 3.2.20

Goal Kickers: V. Coffey 3, L. Lewis 2, K. Love , A. Casboult , D. O”Connor , K. Johnsen
Best Players: L. Wieselmann, H. Kerr, K. Love, J. Hickey, K. Johnsen, A. Tirosh

Seniors Final Score
Monash 8.11.59
Elsternwick 6.9.45

Goal Kickers: R. Fletcher 3, J. Stevenson 2, T. Bye , K. Cherian , C. Mackie
Best Players: A. Barrett, D. Baxter, K. Cherian, C. Mackie, R. Pollock-Williams, L. Wells


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Round 4, 2014 Match Report

Reserves Final Score
Monash: 9.10.64
Def by
St Johns: 15.11.101

Goal Kickers: S. Lester 3, S. Abel 2, M. Keo , D. O”Connor , B. Prigg , V. Coffey
Best Players: K. Johnsen, S. Kerr, S. Lester, A. Petsinis, A. Tirosh

Seniors Final Score
Monash: 4.13.37
Def by
St Johns: 19.16.130

Goal Kickers: A. Erwin-Ross 2, A. Barrett , T. Bye
Best Players: L. Pound, K. Cherian, L. Wells, D. Baxter, A. Barrett, B. Fullerton

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Round 3, 2014 Match Report

With two solid wins under the clubs belt in round 2, the Gryphons headed out to South Melbourne with an eye to consolidating in both the reserves and the seniors.

The day started well with an inaccurate but spirited Reserves side proving too good for our opponents who kept coming all day.

Notable performances
Jimmy “Key Forward” Hickey turned himself into a great marking target and played his best game for the club.

Simon Abel put in yet another strong performance which included a great goal of the year contender running the ball from half back.

Joe White provided a great target all day and kicked a goal in his debut.

Reserves Final Score
Monash: 11.15.81
South Melbourne: 9.5.59

Goal Kickers: S. Abel 2, S. Lester 2, M. Hoh 2, V. Coffey 2, D. O”Connor , J. White , H. Kerr
Best Players: J. Hickey, S. Abel, S. Lester, L. Taylor, M. Shelton

South Melbourne came to play in the seniors and despite some early dominance and the same amount of shots for most of the game they came away with the win.

The game will be a good lesson for the Gryphons side about taking our opportunities and sticking to the team structures.

Seniors Final Score
Monash: 7.17.59
Def by
South Melbourne: 17.10.112

Goal Kickers: R. Fletcher 4, J. Stevenson , A. Erdely , A. Erwin-Ross
Best Players: C. Mackie, R. Pollock-Williams, L. Pound, R. Fletcher, A. Robilliard, J. Tobin

Notable performances
Clint Mackie battled hard all day and won plenty of the football.

Rob Fletcher was a reliable shot for goal and had a huge last quarter to nearly get us back into it.

Kye Cherian found another gear in the last and battled hard all day.

Next week we are back at the fortress that is East Caulfield Reserve to take on St Johns in what will be a tough match. Competition for spots will be fierce this week and there will be some players unlucky to miss out, make sure you all get down to training to give yourself the best chance of getting selected.

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Reverse Shuffle

The Reverse Shuffle is the most popular club event every year and its back again in 2014.

This year there will be over $2,000 in cash prizes as well as some random prizes throughout the night.

1 Ticket into the raffle gets you.

  • Entry for 2 people for the night with unlimited Beer, Wine and Champagne all night.
  • The chance to win over $2,000 in prizes
  • Those who order and pay via team app get to choose their own song.

    reverse shuffle

    Payment at the door accepted but not ideal.

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    Happy Easter

    Easter Training

    With the club having a bye on Saturday the 19th April the coaches have decided to give the players the night off training tonight (17th April).

    Training will resume Tuesday the 22nd of April.

    Attention Wine Drinkers

    Tahbilk wines have launched an online store where you can purchase any bottle of wine from the Tahbilk, Four Sisters or McPherson ranges and have them delivered free of charge.

    When you do so the Monash Gryphons Football Club will receive a commission. (as long as you select our club at the top of the page)

    Check out the store here

    Currently they have an introductory offer where any purchase of a dozen Tahbilk Wines will see you receive a bottle of Eric Purbick Shiraz 2008 valued at $75 free of charge.

    Thank you to those of you who consider purchasing your wines through this online store in the future, its a great way to support the club.

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    Round 2, 2014 Match Report

    After a tough couple years Glen Eira came to play in the reserves game. The first quarter was an even affair with accuracy in front of goal proving to be the only major difference.

    After that though the Monash midfielders got busy. Simon Abel in game 50 for the club, broke the lines as we controlled play. From halftime onwards the game was well within control despite a spirited effort from the Saints.

    Reserves Final Score
    Monash: 14.11.95
    Glen Eira: 10.8.68

    Goals: J. Tobin 4, D. O’Connor 2, W. Harms 2, S. Abel 2, V. Coffey, S. Lester, A. Tirosh, L. Lewis

    Best: L. Lewis, B. Prigg, J. Hickey, S. Abel, V. Coffery, J. Tobin

    Glen Eira were equally spirited in the senior game. Despite the final margin the game was close all day with margins of 1 point, 1 point and 3 points at each of the breaks.

    With Mitch Ryan in hospital for the second week in a row and Kye Cherian on the bench with concussion the last quarter was going to be a battle from the outset. The teams display was one which everyone should be proud of as we scrapped for every disposal to eventually run out four goal winners.

    Seniors Final Score
    Monash: 16.9.105
    Glen Eira: 12.10.82

    Goals: J. Nuguid 3, A. Erwin-Ross, J. Stevenson 2, S. Kerr, M. Savage, A. Barrett, A. Robilliard, K. Cherian, C. Mackie, M. Welsh, M. Ryan, T. Bye

    Best: B. Rose, C. Mackie, S. Kerr, A. Erwin-Ross, J. Nuguid, D. Petsinis

    Head over to the Facebook page for images from both games.

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    Reverse Shuffle

    reverse shuffle

    RSVP in the App

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