Round 14 Review

21.10-136 ELSTERNWICK def
Goal Kickers: M. Fletcher 5, M. Malloy 2, M. Loricco, P. Gomizel, J. Harrak, M. Welsh.
Best Players: M. Welsh, J. Harrak, M. Loricco, S. Sheehan, T. Madden, A. Flowerday.

11.6-72 ELSTERNWICK def by
Goal Kickers: M. Davies 4, A. Ross 3, H. Vasconcelo 2, G. Roche, T. Vesey, P. Rutherford, R. Fletcher, C. Leeton, D. Giliam, S. Abel.
Best Players: H. Hough, M. Tapscott, M. Davies, A. Ross, L. Fisher, T. Vesey.

“I was beaten by a superior opponent, what can I say…”, were the words of outspoken Texan Golfer, Lee Trevino after he was humbled by The Golden Bear in the final round of the US Open at Pebble Beach in 1972. I feel much the same way about our relationship to Elsternwick, presently, they are a superior opponent. There can be no excuses for Saturday as we had every chance to redeem our defeat to the Wicks in Round 10, but yet again we were outclassed and made to look inferior. Being competitive for three quarters is simply not good enough against the stronger teams and cannot win us finals football should we make it. We must place more emphasis on hitting targets in our forward fifty as that was an area in which we were clearly beaten. Field kicking doesn’t have to be centimetre perfect, it just has to be to advantage and in every contest a kick or handball can be placed in a region to advantage a team-mate.

In a fifty-five point loss there are few clear winners, but Matt Fletcher’s 5 goals from the midfield and Jason Harrak’s rebounds off half back were two exceptions in a game where we failed to convert early chances and then were unable to control the bleeding in the second. The fact that the Wicks were able to boot so many consecutive goals in such a short period of time was particularly disappointing.

It is a intriguing game though and as the saying goes, a week is a long time in football, so we have to move on and prepare for Uni High. A win at home in front of many of our past players and families is what is need to renew enthusiasm after the disappointment on the weekend. Our ladder position shows the importance of those early season wins and means that we still have a great chance to secure a double chance and get a possible fast-track to another Grand Final appearance. A lot of water has to pass under the bridge before that can be realised however…

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