Round 3 Review

16.16-112 POWERHOUSE def
Goal Kickers: L. Wells 2, B. Rose, L. Dooley, T. Russell, C. Jones
Best Players: T. Russell, N. Rutherford, L. Wells, L. Dooley, J. Watson, J. Fleming

17.11-113 POWERHOUSE def
Goal Kickers: P. Rutherford 4, A. Kooperman
Best Players: R. Tuttle, L. Wilson, L. Monfries, P. Rutherford, J. Hickey, A. Letts

In relation to Sports, the Oxford Dictionary defines depth as “the strength of a team in terms of the number and quality of its substitute players”. I see this as the definitive issue at the Gryphs at present as we are surely being tested for the quality of our substitute players.

It is a ‘cop out’ to blame injuries to key players as a reason for below average performances, as all teams get their fair share of injuries each year. Therefore, it is now up to the second string of Monash senior players, the Tristan Russell’s, the Tim Vesey’s, the Jeremy Fleming’s: Players who have three or more seasons experience at senior level, to take the next step and be standout players of the competition.

Even though we went down by more than 10 goals at the weekend, I was relatively pleased with our work-rate and attack at the ball. Also, our 1% count was surely up on last week, it was however, persistent skill errors that cost us heavily. Our foot skills are simply not good enough. I feel we should be aiming to kick to advantage in practise drills during the week. Another bug-bear of mine is the number of young players (AFL Included) who cannot or will not use their opposite foot to dispose of the ball. Unless you are an excellent player who can ‘break the lines’ you must be willing to dispose of the ball from your opposite side (both by hand and foot). We must be practising this at training as well.

The game itself was over early in the second half once it was clear we were not going to be able to score enough goals to win. Tristan Russell was our standout player. He must have placed his body on the line on at least a dozen occasions and continually won the hard ball or free kick because of his tenacity. The Gryphons need more of this style of leadership and now that ‘nugget’ is Vice Captain (at least in the short term) we should not expect anything less. Lee Wells played well as always and Nick Rutherford showed his class at times, but it is our bottom six or so players that need to stand up if we are going to be able to salvage anything from this season. Let’s hope they can make this improvement

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