Round 4 Review

8.9-57 MONASH GRYPHONS def by
Goal Kickers: R. Sharkey 2, J. Watson 2, M. Davies, N. Rutherford, L. Wells, C. Jones.
Best Players: J. Watson, T. Russell, C. Mackie, N. Rutherford, B. Rose, T. Vesey.

10.12-72 MONASH GRYPHONS def
Goal Kickers: P. Rutherford 4, H. Vasconcelo 2, B. Murphy, D. Healy, A. Schroth, K. Johnsen.
Best Players: N. Booth, H. Vasconcelo, L. Wilson, D. Charleson, P. Rutherford, A. Schroth.

Daft Punk would hardly have been a chance to win Lyrical song of the year with their 1997 Euro Dance hit ‘Around the World’ as the title was the only lyric and was continually iterated throughout the song. Such is the nature of this report, I believe that many who are to read it will be the converted and I will be simply repeating what I’ve said many times before.

I never expected the senior team to win on the weekend. The Gryphs could’ve been coached by Kevin Sheedy or Norm Smith and the margin would have been 8 goals plus. We have simply been robbed of our ‘spine’ and ‘guts’ with injuries to key players. Most of the 22 that ran out on Saturday played their hearts out and got the best of their ability. Truth be told, many are two’s players and know it. Jono Watson was superb all day and Clint Mackie showed he has what it takes to contribute at Senior Level.

Full credit to SFX for sticking around. It is not like Beaconsfield versus East Caulfield is a Derby! It is imperative that we support each other by watching our mates play (whether it be Seniors or Reserves) and the least we can do is commit ourselves to one drink in the Social Rooms after each game (regardless of Home or Away). Similarly, injured players must come down and help out where they can. It is the least you can do to make sure that the Gryphons are getting our processes ‘off the field’ running smoothly.

Congratulations to Jono and Benny on their respective milestones. Also a good win in the reserves for Vaughan in playing his 100th game for the club.

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